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What clients say about Granite Partners . . .


. . . National Datacast was working with a larger local ad agency, and spent considerable money to develop a new brand and some standards, along with a website and some additional collateral. I wasn’t very pleased with the results, and the cost was prohibitive to engaging other marketing activates. We hired Granite Partners to do some market research and were very pleased with the report they submitted. We asked them to take on a larger project, a good-sized tradeshow display, playing off the results of their research to approach a specific vertical market. Granite Partners created the display, set the standard for brand usage, created collateral and sales pieces, created web advertising, worked with the press and even consulted on our tradeshow giveaways, so they would integrate with the rest of the display and collateral materials. They understood our market, understood the audience, and put some practical things in play that allowed us to make a big splash at that show and lay the groundwork for an even bigger event next year for that market.

We’re very pleased with not only the innovation and creativity they displayed, but also the client service which was top notch, very attentive and connected to our needs. I’d recommend them to any business looking to grow or launch new products or services, regardless of the industry they serve.

- Kristin Schaad, Marketing Manager,
National Datacast Incorporated, Arlington, VA

. . . A year ago, Freedom Telecom Services was a start-up network services firm in Baltimore. We needed a corporate identity, some branding work and some PR. We knew of Granite Partners’ work from a previous company, and turned to them to help launch our company. We’re now an established, multi-million dollar global company serving major clients in several countries, and Granite Partners continues to do our marketing work. We’ve been very pleased not only with the level of expertise and service we receive - they always go the extra mile to make deadlines, reach out to the media on our behalf, etc. – but also with the results they achieve as well. They work closely with us, but without needing a lot of management time or supervision, saving us even more over the course of the year in time and expense. I’d happily recommend them to any company in a range of industries who need marketing expertise and guidance.

- Brett C. Hill, CEO
Freedom Telecom Services, LLC